Can't find Exceptional in extension manager

When I search for Exceptional under Resharper/Extension Manager (Include Prerelease), it isn't found.

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Suppress exceptions with comment

Sometimes exceptions are never thrown or should net be caught by the caller. As example Thread.Sleep(100) Or if(something != null) { WillThrowArgumentNullException(something) } If have already ...

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Show issues for method calls with unfixed issues.

Consider the following piece of code: public class MyClass { public int MethodA() { MethodB(); // Issue not detected. throw new ArgumentException(); // Issue detected. } public int MethodB...

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Clicking 'Add documentation for <exception>' hangs Visual Studio

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False ArgumentNullException

Exceptional says that this code can give ArgumentNullException: if (foo != null) a = foo.FirstOrDefault();

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Add exception documentation to existing dox comment freezes VS.

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Synchronize exception documentation between interfaces and implementations

Manage dependencies between interfaces and its implementations so that the implementations throw exceptions declared on interface.

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Prefer documentation or catch for base types when possible

For example, Directory.GetFiles throws IOException and DirectoryNotFoundException. DirectoryNotFoundException extends IOException, so catching or declaring IOException should be sufficient.

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QuickFix: Move catch clause before more general

There is an error when there is a catch clause hidden by the preceding more general one. Right now R# has a fix to remove that clause. There should be another possibility to move that specific clau...

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Exception on Nullable<T>.Value even if checked before

When using nullable types a suggestion appears after calling property Value. This should not happen if it was checked before that the property has a value. Example: var text = source.IsCity == null...

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